Choosing a Local Moving Company

When choosing a local moving company, this is what we look for. If there is one thing that is constantly being asked here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage it is: who do you recommend for movers?  This is an important question, after all you are going to be paying someone to move your [...]

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Holiday Storage Solutions and Christmas Organizing Ideas

It’s so fun to get into the holiday spirit by decorating the home with festive items both inside and out. But those decorations sit in boxes for most of the year. It can be a problem to have them taking up any amount of space in your apartment or house. Don’t waste space in your [...]

Moving Supplies at Garden of the Gods Self Storage

Moving Supplies According to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 43 million people or 17% of the total United States population, move each year.  Garden of the Gods Self Storage would like to share some moving suggestions about moving supplies: Moving Boxes The first moving supply to consider is boxes. We suggest the following [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions – Get Organized

Get Organized in 2018 with a Self Storage Unit Adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Clutter can add up and take over your living space. Learn to let go by moving your clutter to a storage unit. All of your belongings will be safe and secured while you enjoy your clean decluttered space in your home. Everyday [...]

Tractor Trailer Friendly Drives

Tractor Trailer Friendly Drives Page When moving from a large house or from out of state it is not uncommon to use movers that have packed your belongings in a tractor trailer!  For most self-storage facilities this can be a large problem, with tight drives these larger vehicles have a hard time entering and leaving [...]

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