Tips for Preparing for Military Deployment

At Garden of The Gods Storage in Colorado Springs, we run into military personnel monthly who are looking to put items into storage because they are getting ready for deployment oversees. Talking with our happy customers, we have gotten quite a few tips from many of our military veterans and those leaving for deployment, so [...]


Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring is more than warmer weather, busier schedules, and mowing your lawn.  It is also an ideal time to spring clean your entire home. You might even find that after a thorough spring cleaning that you have an abundance of items left-over that might need to be stored or disposed of. It may feel a [...]


A Guide to Large Self Storage Units

Learn about our different size storage units In today’s world we do not have a shortage of stuff that we need, however, we do sometimes lack the facilities to store it all! That is where we come in! Here at Garden of the Gods self storage, we offer some of the largest sizes to rent [...]


A Guide to Medium Self Storage Units

In our last article we discussed the different types of small self storage units and their potential uses.  In this article we will be discussing medium sized self storage units and their potential uses.  Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage we consider a medium storage unit anything between 200 square feet and 300 [...]


A Guide to Small Self Storage Units

Self Storage units can come in a large verity of sizes.  As small as 50 square feet and as large as 600 square feet.  This helps give options for picking a storage unit size that is right for the individuals needs.  However, sometimes all these choices make it difficult to decide what size is best [...]

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