Will Movers Go to a Storage Unit?

Life is a constant stream of changes, bringing along an array of experiences and alterations. One such change, moving, is a common occurrence in everyone’s life. It could be a transition due to a new job, an upgrade to a bigger house, or a move to a different city. As exhilarating as these changes might sound, they often come with their own share of headaches – like transporting all your worldly possessions from one place to another. That’s when professional movers enter the picture, turning your stressful scenario into a seamless transition. Many people often wonder if movers will pick up or drop off their belongings at a storage unit. The answer is yes: most moving companies will go to your storage unit to load or unload your belongings.. Contact your moving company first to see if they will go to your storage unit.

Professional Movers: Going The Extra Mile

As we dive into the specifics, it’s important to understand that a professional moving company’s primary job is to ensure your possessions are transported safely from Point A to Point B. Whether Point B is a new house, an office, or a storage unit doesn’t change their fundamental role. In fact, quite a few movers even offer their own storage solutions.

It is common practice for professional movers to load your items from your original location and unload them at a storage unit. They can handle everything from a tiny storage cube to a large warehouse, provided they have clear instructions and the right resources at hand.

What You Need To Know

While movers will go to a storage unit, it’s vital that you remember a few key points. Before the move, clarify all the details with your moving company. Make sure you’ve communicated your needs precisely and understand the terms and conditions.

You should also be aware of the costs involved. Some companies might charge extra for transporting items to a storage unit, while others may include it in their standard service package. It’s a good idea to ask about this in advance, so you’re not hit with unexpected charges.

Pro Tips

Here are a couple of pro tips to keep in mind when involving movers with a storage unit:

  • Communication is Key: Be clear about what items go to the storage unit and what goes to your new location. Label boxes appropriately to avoid confusion.
  • Drive up Units: Moving companies are more likely to go to your storage unit if the unit is drive up accessible. A 3rd-floor indoor unit may require the moving company to charge more.
  • Access is Important: Ensure the movers have access to the storage unit. This includes any necessary keys, codes, or permissions.
  • Consider Timing: If possible, try to align the moving schedule with the storage unit’s operating hours.


In the vast labyrinth of moving logistics, it’s comforting to know that professional movers are willing to go the extra mile (quite literally!) to a storage unit. This convenience allows you to focus on the many other tasks that come with relocation. Remember to communicate effectively, understand the costs involved, and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth move.

Moving Companies and Storage unit FAQs

Do all moving companies go to storage units?

Not all moving companies offer this service, so it’s important to clarify this before hiring a company. Most professional movers will accommodate this request, but it’s always best to confirm beforehand.

Are there additional costs for moving items to a storage unit?

The costs can vary widely depending on the moving company. Some companies may include it as part of their services, while others might charge an additional fee. Always ask for a detailed quote upfront to avoid surprises.

Can movers pack my items for the storage unit?

Most professional movers offer packing services. They can pack your items in a way that’s suitable for storage, using protective materials to ensure your items remain safe.

What if my items get damaged during the move to the storage unit?

This is where moving insurance comes into play. It’s crucial to discuss insurance options with your movers to ensure you’re covered in case of any damages during transit.

wide driveways are key

Self storage facilities with wide driveways are key: If a moving company can’t fit or navigate their truck to your unit, they won’t be able to move your items to your storage unit. At Garden of The Gods Self Storage, we have very wide driveways so that big moving trucks can access our drive up storage units in Colorado Springs.