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Vehicle storage in colorado springs

Worried about keeping your stored car in top form? Our enclosed indoor car storage units at Garden of the God’s Self Storage ensure your investment is safe from theft, the sun, from precipitation, dirt and dust. 

Storing your car or vehicle at Garden of the Gods Self Storage is the easy and affordable way to you keep your car safe and protected from the elements.

Car storage is a great way to protect your vehicle and keep it safe while you’re not using it. You can store your vehicle for as long as you need. We provide both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage. 

Indoor Car Storage

To best meet your requirements, your auto storage options include secure parking lots and drive-up storage units and wide alley ways for larger vehicles. Visit our storage facility to see what’s available.

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Providing the most convenient, easy-to-use vehicle storage. We understand that your vehicle is a precious classic car, a family heirloom, or an off-season vehicle. 

Our self storage facility provides safe, clean and easy to use vehicle storage in Colorado Springs.

car storage Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs indoor and outdoor car storage includes:

24-Hour Digital Surveillance

Garden of the God’s Self Storage invests in advanced surveillance systems to protect your vehicle in our storage facilities.

Electronic Gate Access

We use electronic gate systems to limit access to our facilities. Each one of our customers has their own unique access code.

Quality Lighting

Our Colorado Springs Storage units, loading areas, and parking lots are well lit with ample lighting.

Well-Kept and Clean Facilities

This Self Storage Company is constantly investing in its facilities to keep them clean and well maintained. We strive to provide the best storage experience to our customers.

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Car storage colorado springs

Why You Should Choose our Car Storage Colorado Springs?

Once you visit our facility, you’ll know that this is the right place to store your vehicle. Customer service is our number one priority. We provide a clean, secure storage environment. Come take a tour of our facility and see for yourself.

Garden of the God’s Self Storage rents vehicle storage units of all types. We provide indoor or outdoor car storage, recreational Vehicle or RV StorageBoat Storage, Motorcycle storage, All Terrain Vehicle or ATV Storage or Jet Ski Storage.

The vast majority of cars are longer than ten feet. For the most part, coupes, hatchbacks, crossovers, and small SUVs are around 15 feet in length give or take a few inches. As long as you’re not planning on storing anything else inside the unit and you drive one of the above body types, it’s likely you’ll be able to squeeze your vehicle into a 10 x 15 storage unit. It is important to make sure to measure your vehicle before renting a storage unit, especially if you drive a car that is just around 15 feet in length.

Most vehicles will fit inside a 10 x 20 self-storage unit. From SUVs, crossovers, sedans, minivans, pickup trucks, and even full-sized vans. The biggest decision when looking for a car storage unit will be whether or not it’s possible to fit their car inside a 10 x 15 and save a little extra money on rent each month. Otherwise, 10 x 20s is a good choice since most motor vehicles are less than 20 feet in length.

Our 10 x 25, 10×30, 12.5 x 25, 12.5 x 40, and 12.5 x 50 are capable of being used for car storage.

Do you need to store a car for a month or longer?
We are a great option for short-term and long-term car storage! We provide secure vehicle storage.
Garden of the Gods Self Storage is able to provide the insights you need and help you find auto storage near you!

Tips for storing your car.