3 foods in colorado sprigns

The Best Food Colorado Springs is Known For

Revered for its proximity to an abundance of outdoor hotspots, its Olympic prowess, and its breathtaking scenery, Colorado Springs is one of the best cities to live in the country. What most people don’t know about this spectacular city is that Colorado Springs is also home to a smorgasbord of delicious dishes and fantastic restaurants. 

Whether you’re looking for classic Colorado ingredients or your favorite cuisine, Colorado Springs has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about the food Colorado Springs is known for, and get the inside scoop on what restaurant you should try next time you’re out on the town! 

What Cuisine is Colorado Springs Known For? 

Unlike many cities found around the country, Colorado Springs isn’t known for one type of cuisine. Instead, spurred by its central location, Colorado Springs is a melting pot of different flavors, ethnic cuisines, and fresh ingredients. Colorado Springs is known for having a variety of cuisines present in its dining scene. Take a few minutes to explore the town, and you’ll find restaurants representing every culture and cuisine. 

Fresh Colorado-sourced ingredients set the Colorado Springs food scene apart from the selections of other cities. Ingredients found on a menu in Colorado Springs can include anything from freshly-sourced game (trout, elk, and more) to locally grown vegetables. You may have also heard of some of the unique dishes served at restaurants around the city. Do Rocky Mountain oysters ring a bell?

What are the best restaurants in Colorado Springs? 

Though there is an endless selection of delicious restaurants throughout Colorado Springs, there are also some restaurants that you just have to try! Brother Luck is a local celebrity chef that is famous for his culinary creations. He currently operates two restaurants in Colorado Springs: Four By Brother Luck and Lucky Dumpling

Below, we’ve separated our favorite restaurants by the type of cuisine they serve. Whether you’re looking for Italian, Mexican, or American cuisine, you can’t go wrong with these great restaurants.  

The best Italian restaurants in Colorado Springs

If you’re craving a good glass of wine or looking for the best pasta in the city, try one of these excellent Italian restaurants throughout Colorado Springs. 

Swing into Paravicini’s Italian Bistro for homemade sauces, delicious pasta, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Dine at Panino’s Downtown for a truly local experience filled with over-baked pizza and calzones. Experience excellence at Ristorante Di Sopra as you feast on a menu of mouthwatering plates. 

The best Mexican restaurants in Colorado Springs 

Next taco Tuesday, or any day you’re craving a cheesy quesadilla or steaming fajitas, give one of these vibrant Mexican restaurants a try. 

La’au’s Taco Shop and its Mexican-Hawaiian fusion menu are a favorite among students at Colorado College. La Cava Fine Mexican Cantina is another local hotspot that serves a tasty menu of Mexican fare complete with a laid-back vibe. You can also take your taste buds to Fiesta Jalisco, where you will find a wide variety of delectable plates within this secret Colorado Springs honey hole. 

The best American restaurants in Colorado Springs

Order a juicy steak, loaded burger, or a variety of other plates at these remarkable American restaurants in Colorado Springs. 

Those looking to start the day with a delicious breakfast can visit Black Bear Diner for their famous Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs, various omelets, or other morning-friendly dishes. Ted’s Montana Grill is known for its delicious burgers and bison chops, while Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has something for the whole family to enjoy! The Block Bar & Grill is another American eatery that serves fine fare and refreshing drinks. 

The best Asian restaurants in Colorado Springs

Get ready to explore the cuisine of Asia without ever leaving Colorado. The best Asian restaurants in Colorado Springs are calling! 

Vegetarians and vegans will be excited to find inclusive Asian options at Narai Thai Restaurant. Shangri-La has two locations in Colorado Springs and serves some of the best Chinese and Japanese food. Across its two locations, the restaurant specializes in dishes such as General Tso Chicken, Eggplant Delight, and more. Thai Mint is another Asian restaurant that offers inviting pad thai and generous helpings (enough for lunch the next day). Lastly, Lucky Dumpling by Brother Luck is known for its amazing dumplings and Asian fusion. 

The best Indian restaurants in Colorado Springs

Chicken Tikka, curry, and other delicious Indian dishes await at these fantastic Colorado Springs restaurants. 

Get ready to have your mind blown at Zaika Indian Cusine or Urban Tandoor as you sample a selection of their finest work. Little Nepal: Indian Restaurant & Bar is another flavorsome option if you’re looking for a delicious meal accompanied by a drink or two. You can also have soft and buttery naan, chicken pakora, and other Indian highlights at Mirch Masala

Where are the best restaurants in Colorado Springs located? 

While great restaurants can be found throughout the city,  a few streets and neighborhoods are specifically known for having a large population of trendy and tasty eats. Tejon Street is one of the more popular streets in Colorado Springs. The street is known for its concentration of restaurants, bars, and shops. Other roads that intersect with Tejon Street are also known for being hotspots. Fountain Blouvard, E Rio Grande Street, and Costilla Street are popular areas for dining. 

Where will you eat first? 

Now that you are familiar with some of the best restaurants in Colorado Springs, it’s time to plan where you’ll be eating next! We all know choosing a place to eat can be anything but easy. However, in Colorado Springs, no matter what restaurant you choose, you’ll be feasting on a delicious meal in no time! 

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