Advantages of Off-Site Document Storage

Advantages of Off-Site Document Storage

Advantages of Off-Site Document Storage

Why should you take advantage of off-site document storage?

One of the most crucial parts of any organization is its documents.  Records are commonly looked at for many different reasons.  Being able to access old sales for reference, or even for tax purposes.  The largest disadvantage to keeping your records is the amount of space they take up.  Boxes of records can quickly turn into the back part of the office no one goes to anymore.

Today we are going to discuss the key advantages to keeping a separate record storage.  Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage, we have many local companies that take advantage of small office spaces by storing their records off site! Learn about our Business Storage in Colorado Springs.

Extra Space

The most notable advantage to off-site record storage is the extra space.  Having more room to store necessary office supplies saves time and money for your business.  In addition, a clean and organized workspace helps fuel more productive employees!

Keep Data Private

With records filled with customer information you do not want anyone to be able to access those files.  When your documents are stored at an off-site location temps and other non-crucial employees are never exposed to unnecessary information.  This helps prevent employee theft and helps create a second layer of security for the information your customers give you.

Prepared for the Unexpected

Sometimes floods, fires and burglary can leave a business inoperable.  It is so important to have back up records off site in case of an emergency.  If all your business documents are in your office and the building has an unexpected fire.  You no longer have sales records for the year, contact information, or any other valuable documents you need to conduct business.  With off-site storage, you have a contingency in case your office is hit by disaster.

Improved Efficiency with off-site document storage

Having a dedicated document or data room makes a huge difference in efficiency.  By having all your documents in the correct document boxes, labeled and placed on shelves, you can quickly and easily access anything you need.  Often, we do not realize how much time we waste looking through piles of unorganized information!

These are helpful tips to off-site document storage we have picked up here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage!  If you are interested in getting your own unit for document storage, or just have some questions, please give us a call at (719) 265-5900!