Guide to Large Units

A Guide to Large Self Storage Units

Learn about our different size storage units

In today’s world we do not have a shortage of stuff that we need, however, we do sometimes lack the facilities to store it all! That is where we come in! Here at Garden of the Gods self storage, we offer some of the largest sizes to rent for commercial or residential needs. In our last posts, we discussed the small self storage units, and the medium self storage units. This time we will focus on a guide to large units that we have to rent.

12.6×25 Storage Unit

Up first is the 12.6×25 self storage unit. This self storage unit has a bit more square footage than the 10×30 but that is not all it has, these self storage units are made for RVs, boats, and other large equipment in mind. The doors for these self storage units are 14ft tall and 11ft wide, making it a perfect place for a small trailer, 5th wheel, boat, or more. Yet the extra height makes great storage for regular household goods and shelving units. Large households can be easily stored inside if one is willing to stack and pack everything accordingly.


12.6×40 Storage Unit

The 12.6×40 self storage unit is bigger than the 12.6×25 and has the same height with the 11×14 door. These bigger storage units hold even bigger items. Perfect to keep that boat or Rv out of the rain and hail, or to keep your work tuck fleet safe during the night and from the weather. Businesses can easily store their truck, and trailer inside and not have to worry about their safety. These self storage units are also great for very large house holds, especially if moving cross country, with our wide drives they make a perfect drop off that is easy for any semi truck to access and unload.

12.6×50 Storage Unit

The largest self storage unit on site here at Garden of the Gods self storage, is our 12.6×50. This is the perfect unit for your large RV storage, trailers, or a fleet of vehicles. Inside the 12.6×50, it is fully lighted, and has access to electricity. These are great for storing offsite equipment, these storage units have three variations on our site. We have the long drive self storage units with access to the 60ft drives, the short drive self storage units are a little more affordable and have a shorter access, best used for household or business storage, or smaller RVs.

2.6×50 Storage Unit with a Mezzanine

The last self storage unit variation is the 12.6×50 with a mezzanine. The 12.6×50 self storage units with a mezzanine are equipped with the large foot print of the 12.6×50 and also have a mezzanine on the upper half to allow more storage and organizational options. These units are perfect for household or business inventory on the top half, and vehicles on the bottom. Great to keep your stuff all in one convenient self storage unit, rather than having to spread out over smaller sizes!

So when you are next looking for self storage unit options in Colorado Springs please be sure to contact us at Garden of the Gods Self storage.