Medium Self Storage Units

The Best Guide to Medium Self Storage Units

In our last article, we discussed the different types of small self storage units and their potential uses.  In this article, we will be discussing medium self storage units and their potential uses.  Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage, we consider a medium storage unit anything between 200 square feet and 300 square feet.  Just like with smaller units there are many uses that can go along with these self storage units.

10×20 Medium Self Storage Unit

The 10×20 self storage unit is a great equivalent to a one-car garage.  With these units, you can store vehicles for the winter season. Or hail seasons to keep your vehicle out of any harm’s way.  This is also a fantastic size for commercial use, it can hold documents and inventory.  For household use, it can store a two or three-bedroom house.  These self storage units start to have more flexibility as they have more space to work with.

10×25 Self Storage Unit

The 10×25 Self storage unit is a great size for larger homes like three or four bedrooms.  It can hold all the household furniture and has a little extra room for larger pieces.  Sometimes bigger pieces of furniture take more space, so this is a nice size to accommodate for that.  An alternative, if you have a summer vehicle and motorcycles, they could all fit inside this unit as well.  We have even seen some smaller boats and camping equipment fit very nicely into this size.

10×30 Medium Self Storage Unit

The 10×30 Self storage unit is probably the king of units when it comes to moving.  They have plenty of space to hold an entire household. And extra space to fit the items we have forgotten about.  These can be a more demanded size in the summer months because of their convenience.  The other advantage is they have a better cost per square foot. So they are a little cheaper for the amount of space you receive.  Many members of the armed forces like these sizes to store furniture and a vehicle.  Some homeowners that are staging their house also like this size, because they can stage and once the house is sold, they can continue to fill the unit with the rest of their belongings.

Regardless of the time of year medium sized self storage units have a variety of uses.  Whether it be storing vehicles for the winter months, or holding extra furniture while your home is being listed for sale.  If you’re a member of the armed forces these units can be great to keep your vehicle and personal belongings safe while you are actively deployed.  Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage, we offer sa space that you want to keep year long.  If you are interested in reserving a unit or have some questions about what else could potentially fit in a particular size, just give us a call at (719) 265-5900!