Small self storage units

A Guide to Small Self Storage Units

Self Storage units can come in a large variety of sizes.  Small self storage units can be as small as 50 square feet and as large as 600 square feet.  This helps give options for picking a storage unit size that is right for the individuals needs.

However, sometimes all these choices make it difficult to decide what size is best for you?  Today, we will be discussing the small sizes of self storage units.  Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage we feel any unit under 200 square feet, is considered a small self storage unit.

5×10 Small Self Storage Units

The 5×10 Self Storage unit is the cheapest unit we have, because it is the smallest.  Don’t let the size fool you, these units are an extra large closet.  Just like most closets, they can hold more than one would expect.  We recommend this size for small one bedroom apartments, or college dorm rooms, as in most cases everything can fit into this one self storage unit.

Furthermore, it can be used to hold extra bedroom sets for homes, or even extra garage supplies.  These self storage units make great seasonal units for households, in the winter you can store lawn mowers, summer clothes, and other items that are used in the warm weather, and in the summer, all of the winter items can go in.

10×10 Storage Unit

The 10×10 self storage unit is ideal for one and two-bedroom apartments.  They have a wider door than the 5×10 self storage units, so they can be used for a couple of extra purposes as well.  The 8×8 door makes parking motorcycles easy, and the extra 50 square feet leaves room for household items and the motorcycle.

However, the extra width also makes the 10×10 ideal for document storage, you can easily fit three or four shelves inside the unit, and years’ worth of documents can be stored.  Of course, these units also work well for seasonal rotations, especially if you have larger toys for the summer and winter season, bicycles, skies, snowboards, and kayaks all fit very well in the 10×10 self storage unit.

10×15 Self Storage Unit

The 10×15 self storage unit is the largest of the small units.  It can easily hold two-bedroom apartments or household furnishing for a 2 or 3-bedroom house.  This unit is ideal for homeowners needing to stage their house because it can hold furniture as well as boxes and bedroom sets.

This size self storage unit also has some commercial uses, for storing larger tools and more bulky and larger equipment, like ladders or generators.  If you have a few larger toys like snowmobiles and 4-wheelers, this unit can hold them!

These three sizes of self storage units are considered small here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage.  These are far from the only sizes we offer; we also have medium and large units to rent!  If you are curious about your particular storage needs and what self storage unit would work best for you, feel free to give us a call at (719)265-5900!  We are more than happy to try and find the size that works best for you!