the beginners guide to self storage units

If you are a first-time storage user and are beginning your search for a self-storage facility, I am certain you have many questions! Luckily, there is no need to worry, today we are going to discuss a beginner’s guide to Self-Storage units. We will compare full-service storage versus self-storage, and explain some of the other advantages of each.

Full Service Storage

Full-Service storage is more of a valet style storage experience. In other words, it allows for occupants to have the employees on site to have access to their belongings. With that, everything is documented and stored in a very extensive and detailed process. Employees can receive and ship items for the occupant, and some even allow this from a smart phone now. This is ideal for someone who can not be at their unit on a regular basis and use it for shipping and receiving.

Self Storage

Self-Storage is the most common form of storage available. It is very simple; the occupant brings their belongings and removes them when finished. In addition, cccupants choose who can access the unit, and are responsible for documenting what is inside the unit. The biggest advantage is you can store many different things; from household belongings to motor vehicles and RVs. Ultimately, this is the cheapest and more utility-based form of storage.

Storage Unit Size

After you know the type of storage you need, now you have to figure out the size. Most facilities have at least 5 sizes, here at Garden of the Gods Self-Storage, we offer 10 sizes, as small as 5×10 and as large as a 12.5×50. Ranging from 50 square feet to 625 square feet, it depends on what is being stored. We recommend coming by to see the sizes, it is always easy to know if something is too small!

Length of Time for Rental

The next thing to consider, is how long you will need the storage unit. For active military, it could be as long as 9 to 12 months. If you are an active RV user, you may keep the unit year-round, so you always have a garage to store the vehicle. We offer a variety of discounts to help with some of this. An active military discount is always a plus for our troops sent out and around the world, and a prepay discount is also available for the RV users. Either way, we also offer a month to month option, this way if you only need the unit a couple months, you can do that as well!

Do you need a Climate Enhanced Storage Unit?

Once you have figured out how long you need the unit, you can decide if it is climate enhanced or not. Climate enhanced units have some form of temperature controls in them. Some even offer full climate controls, with humidifiers and heaters. These options can be great for electronics and art, if those are the types of items that will be stored.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Next, you need to pick a facility! When looking for a facility, you should try and find some important features:

  • Climate Controlled or enhanced units (If you need it)
  • Accessibility, can you access the unit during the hours you need it?
  • Type of locks used on the property, are they more secure locks or simple pad locks?
  • Video Monitoring, do they record who enters the property?
  • On Site Manager, is someone on site after the office is closed to keep an eye of the property?
  • Pricing, discounts, and contracts offered
  • Variety of units offered
  • Safety and security of the property
  • Cleanness of the property. Are vehicles and other unattractive nuisances placed all over the property?
  • Lighting. Is the property lit at night?
  • Online reviews of the facility. Do people seem to be happy with the service provided?

As simple as these things seem, it can be overwhelming to try and remember it all in one place, while looking for a storage unit. Hopefully, this beginners guide helps set you in the right direction! As always, if you have any questions, or are interested in renting a storage unit, please feel free to give us a call at (719) 265-5900!

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