Organizing a Self Storage Unit

5 Great Tips for Organizing a Self Storage Unit in Colorado

We want to offer you some tips for organizing a self storage unit. Everyone has new years resolutions. For some that resolution might be to organize your storage unit. So there are many advantages to having your storage space organized. Especially when using that space for storage. Here at Garden of the Gods Self storage, we have seen many people use different unit sizes for self storage. We have seen some very successful approaches and some that were not so much. Today, we want to discuss some of the more useful tips to keep a storage unit organized!

Know what you are storing when organizing a self storage unit

As tedious as it sounds, taking an inventory of a storage unit can be very useful. There are many free forms for storage inventories available online. It is useful to know what is stored and where to find it. A simple inventory can tell you; winter jackets are in box number 12 and summer shoes are in box 13. Otherwise, your searching both boxes! Here in Colorado Springs, we have a decent range of weather, and clothes are typically stored when they are not needed. Having an inventory can help make accessing things quick and efficient.

Label Containers

To continue on with the inventory, labeling is very useful. Having boxes numbered and a brief description on them can help save a lot of time. Having to re-tape a box after you opened it is not too bad. But it gets time-consuming when you have to do it 5 or 6 times and still have not found the box you needed. A simple label tied in with a brief inventory can save you a lot of time.

The Right Container for the Job for organizing a self storage unit

As simple as this seems, not all containers are the same. One of our personal favorites is color-coated containers. Winter clothing goes in blue bins and summer in red bins. And if you have items that are mixed together, use a clear container, then you can see inside without having to open everything up! Simple color coordination can help you get right to the things you need, with very little effort.

Wire Shelves and Hooks

Shelving is crucial, it allows you to save square footage, and utilizes the entire space of a room. Having containers on shelves makes them all visible and easy to see. Also, you can place more containers in an area when they are nicely stacked on shelves. For larger things, like bicycles, don’t be afraid to use hooks to hang them, and get those large items out of the way.

Document Storage

Documents can take up a great deal of space and are incredibly time-consuming to reorganize. Another organizational storage tip we recommend is having some type of document storage, whether it be a file cabinet or document boxes. So having an organized, and accessible system to hold documents will save a lot of time and space.

Clothing Racks

For key pieces of clothing that are accessed frequently, clothing racks are the way to go. They can typically roll, so if they are in the way you can slide it around. Clothing is hard to find when folded and packed in a box. As a result,  this helps keeps important pieces from getting misplaced or forgotten about.

Tool Cabinet or Peg Board

Finally, tools that are heavy can be dangerous to have lying around for children and household pets. We recommend a separate toolbox, cabinet, or pegboard area to hang and store the tools in a safe location. There are also things you shouldn’t store in your storage unit.
Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage, we have seen many different organizational approaches for self-storage units. Listed above are just some of the more successful things we have seen. Having an organized unit helps keep you from misplacing things, and from forgetting what you already have! If you are interested in renting a unit for storage needs or have some questions about things that can be stored, feel free to give us a call at (719) 265-5900!