do not store in storage facility

Things Not to Store in a Storage Facility

Moving can be a complicated process. You have to make sure that everything has a place and gets there safely and comfortably. Storage units are the perfect option for staging a home, or slowly getting everything into place as you work on your new home. They provide that perfect spot to keep your things safe as you get everything else sorted in that sometimes-crazy moving process. However, there are some things not to store in a storage facility depending on what it is, and what kind of unit you have.

The first thing a person needs to consider is perishables. Under no circumstances should you store perishable food. Dog food, cat food, grains, cereals, and other dry goods are common for people to try and store. We understand that you might want to keep those things while you are moving from place to place, however, they draw critters. No matter how much a facility sprays or lays down traps, if a person puts food in their unit, they are bound to get unwanted attention from rodents. They smell it and look at your food filled unit as an all-day buffet. So, first things first. No food, no exceptions. If you need to store it; you will need to find special food refrigeration storage.

With that out of the way, the next thing to consider would be items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures. A perfect example of this would be paint. It can be hardy stuff but if you are storing it in an uninsulated unit, you can expect to find your paint frozen and separated. Just like some electronics can be very sensitive to heat. If it gets too hot that Tv or computer might not work right at the end of your storage trip. If in doubt, look up the manufactures information and see what they might have in store for you. Most manufactures will provide plenty of information on the temperature tolerances of your individual items.

The last set of items we are always cautious about people storing is hazardous chemicals, and firearms. The problem with hazardous chemicals is that the containers they are in can sometimes fail, or they can react poorly to the temperature fluctuations in the unit and that can cause the pesticides or other chemicals to leak and cause damage to your items, your neighbor’s items, and the unit itself.

With firearms, the occupant needs to take special care on how they are stored. The first thing you should do is store them in a locked container. Do not leave the weapons out in the open where they could easily be taken if the unit is broken into. It is always good to have a second line of defense against theft. Off site and with the tenant themselves, they should keep the serial numbers of all the firearms they are storing. Last, but not least, do not store the ammunition in the firearm, or with it. In the worst-case scenario, if the weapon is stolen, we do not want to arm the person who took it with a loaded weapon. That could be dangerous to anyone around at that point.

Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage we have insulated units to help with long term temperature fluctuations, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help inform our occupants of the best way to store their items!  If you have some questions regarding items that should or should not be stored, feel free to give us a call at (719) 265-5900!