Tips for Organizing a Storage Unit

We want to offer you some tips for organizing a storage unit. Everyone has new years resolutions. For some that resolution might be to organize your storage unit. So there are many advantages to have your storage space organized. Especially when using that space for storage. Here at Garden of the Gods Self storage, we [...]

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How to Store A Motorcycle for the Winter

Store Your Motorcycle for the Winter There are few things as enjoyable as cruising around on a motorcycle.  Especially in an area as beautiful as Colorado Springs in the summer.  Sadly, winter is either here or on the way, and a motorcycle does not have the same advantages to driving in the winter as it [...]

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Halloween Costumes to Make out of Moving Boxes

Halloween Costumes to Make out of Moving Boxes We have given you so many self-storage tips or tips for you move. We have helped you with choosing a local moving company, tips for storing fragile items, and how to get organized. What we haven’t done is give you ideas for what to do with your [...]

Winterizing Your RV – Tips for RV Storage

Recreational vehicles are great for travel, fun, and comfort on the go. However, once the cold winter months come the RV will need to be winterized to prevent damage. Winterizing your RV is simply the process of protecting the plumbing parts of your RV, to prevent water from freezing and causing damage to the pipes. [...]

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Packing for College and Moving Into a Dorm

As an incoming freshman, thinking about packing for college has probably occupied your mind all summer. Did you pin a huge college shopping list? Have you taken multiple trips to Target to pick everything up? Now you must figure out how you’re going to move it all into your tiny little dorm. Packing for college [...]

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