Comic Book Storage Tips - How to Store a Comic Collection

Comic Book Storage Tips

If you have a comic book collection, chances are you will do whatever it takes to keep it in pristine condition.  Good news comic book collectors, the proper way to store your collection is not hard to follow.  Read below as we discuss our comic book storage tips for your comic book collection.  Because, as we all know, keeping your comic books in excellent condition only increases the value of your collection.

Our Top Comic Book Storage Tips

The biggest challenge to storing a comic book collection is that you want them to stay in great condition, but you also want to be able to enjoy your comics.  The whole reason a person gets into collecting comic books is because they enjoy reading them.  So, the key is to store your collection in a way that allows the collector to read them at will.

Make no mistake, there are some collectors that take security very seriously.  They may store their comic books in a climate-controlled vault or room and only hold them wearing gloves, and only turn the pages using tongs.  Collectors like this may only be collecting comics as an investment.

If you are a collector like this, you may view storing your collection like this not unlike someone who stores a valuable piece of art.  They should be seen, but not handled.

But, for most comic book collectors, they want to read their comics too.  So, the key is to store the comics in a fashion that allows the comics to remain in good condition.  But, also to store them in a way that grants easy access to reading them.

If you happen to own any rare or expensive comics, you may want to store them in sealed hard shell comic bookcases.  This is the highest form of protection for comic books but keeps them approachable to read.

For less rare or valuable comics, consider strong them in plastic poly bags with cardboard backing boards. The cardboard backing should be free of acids that can cause the pages of your comic to bleed together, therefore making the comics less valuable.  These maintain the value of the comic and still lends to accessibility.

How to Display Your Comic Book Collection

So, as we discussed above, there are simple ways you can store your comic book collection for safe keeping, while still maintaining accessibility.  But did you know that storing the comics in a long cardboard box allows them to be filed away safely from harmful temperatures.   Store your long box in a dry, climate-controlled room for maximum security.

Try to keep your comic book collection away from extreme heat or humidity.  Really, just try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Cold weather should not bother the comics, but to be on the safe side, aim for a mild temperature of 65 degrees to 71 degrees.

It should not matter what type of room you choose to store the comics in, but make sure you do not place the comic books on the floor.  This helps to avoid leaks, spills or accidents of any kind harming your collection.  Be careful though, a long cardboard box can weigh quite a bit.  If you are using shelves to store and display the comics, make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the weight.

Also, while displaying your comic books, place the books in a polybag slipcover to protect them from the elements.  And, as we mentioned above, if you still want to enjoy reading the comic books, store them in a way that is accessible to you.

Tips for the General Handling of Comic Books

If you decided to start to collect comic books, chances are you were already a fan of them, and really enjoy reading them as a pastime.  Well, that certainly makes sense because the primary purpose of comic books is meant to be read and enjoyed.

And, comic books are not generally considered to be the best financial investment, and if you decide to start a collection it is probably out of love, not financial gain.  It is sad, because one the reason comic books are not viewed as sound investments is because too many people were treating them as investments and were not reading them.

You want to store your collection where you can still browse through them, page through them and enjoy reading them.  It takes a lot of creativity and talent to create comic books.  Comics are a vital medium that do not deserve to be stored away and not enjoyed. But if you have run out of room for your comic collection, consider a climate enhanced storage option.

All that is really needed to keep your comic book collection safe is a dry room that avoids direct sunlight.  You do not have to handle your comic books with gloves or turn the pages with tongs instead of fingers as comic books are meant to be touched and enjoyed.  So, get started and read them!

Where to Buy Comic Book Storage Supplies

So, if you are just starting a comic book collection, you may not know where to start.  You may not know what supplies to get and where to get them.  Well, once you have decided what types of supplies you need (long cardboard boxes and plastic storage and display bags) you can buy the supplies in person or online.

For in person stores check out Bill Cole, Bags Unlimited, E. Gerber, BCW, and the Collection Drawer Company.  To buy supplies online check out Amazon that features sellers like Comictopia and BCW.

Amazon has independent sellers as well for a more personalized experience.  Etsy is another online store if you want more decorative storage options.  And, on eBay you will find a vast array of storage products.

Just remember, if you are on a budget that a good rule of thumb to follow is to spend about 2% of the value of the comics on the storage supplies.  You can spend more for rare, valuable, or expensive comic books.