Halloween Costumes to Make out of Moving Boxes

We have given you so many self-storage tips or tips for you move. We have helped you with choosing a local moving company, tips for storing fragile items, and how to get organized.

What we haven’t done is give you ideas for what to do with your moving boxes after you move.  One of the best ways to utilize old moving boxes is to create Halloween Costumes. We have put together a list of some of our favorite Halloween Costumes that you can make with boxes.

vending machine costume

Vending Machine  –  Photo Credit Momtastic – Do you think he traded for what was in the box?


kissing booth costume

Kissing Booth – Photo Credit Costume-works.com – So Cute!



Fish Tank – Photo Credit Kimberly at costume-works.com – How long can you hold your breath?


crayons costume

Crayons Costume – Photo Credit April at costume-works.com – This one might make it hard to see!


crayons costume

Pair of Dice Costume  – Photo Credit Costume-works.com – This is a great couples costume!


stoplight costume

Stoplight Costume  – Photo Credit imgur.com –  Look at the trick or treat container!


fire engine Halloween costumes

Fire Engine Costume  – Photo Credit Unknown – The hat totally makes this costume


deck of cards costume

Deck of Cards Costume – Photo Credit Tony Lanz – Todaysparent.com

John Deer Halloween costumes

John Deer Costume – Photo Credit thequickjourney.com –  Major points for creativity on this one!


bulldozer costume

Bulldozer Costume – Photo Credit costume-works.com


Sponge Bob costume

Sponge Bob Costume – Photo Credit coolest-homeade-costumes.com


milk and cookie Halloween costumes

Milk and Cookie Costume  – Photo Credit hgtv.com – Perfect mom and toddler Halloween Costumes!


tape measure halloween costume

Tape Measurer Costume  – Photo Credit Unknown – Look at those details!

These are just a few Halloween costume ideas you can make with moving boxes.  We did have a little help from Pinterest. There are so many other cardboard box-based costume ideas. Your only limit is your imagination and how many cardboard boxes you have.

We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween from the storage unit experts at Garden of the Gods Self Storage.