why are people moving to colorado springs

Moving To Colorado Springs?

Moving to Colorado Springs?

In the past year, many people have done an in-depth evaluation of where they are in life. If you have come to the conclusion that where you currently live isn’t the right fit for your long-term goals, it is time to make a change. On average, a person will move around 11 times in their life.

Choosing the right place to move to is no easy task. One of the most popular cities in the United States is Colorado Springs. Over the past few years, thousands of Americans have decided to make this beautiful city their new home.

Are you curious about why so many people are moving to Colorado Springs? If so, check out the useful information below about what this city has to offer.

A Great Public Education System

If you are moving your entire family to a new area, one of the main concerns you probably have is the education options in a particular city. Most parents are passionate about providing their children with a top-notch education. Colorado Springs ranks near the top of the best school districts in the state of Colorado.

Four districts in Colorado Springs ranked in the top 25 best school districts in the state of Colorado. Most newcomers to the state of Colorado failed to realize it is a choice state. This means that you can choose to send your child to any school regardless of the district your home is zoned for.

Having this level of flexibility allows parents to choose the best school to fit their child’s needs. Since Colorado is a choice state, it creates an incentive for all schools to offer a top-notch curriculum to stay competitive. There are also several universities in and around Colorado Springs where children can further their education after high school.

Lower Cost of Living

The high cost of living in Colorado is reflective of the growth this state has experienced in the past decade. Compared to other cities in Colorado like Boulder and Denver, the cost of living in Colorado Springs is much lower. The average home price in Colorado Springs is around $315,000.

This may seem high when you compare it to other states, but this is considered low in the state of Colorado. The median house price in other popular Colorado cities like Boulder is around $543,000. While living in Colorado can be expensive, you can actually save money by opting to buy a home in Colorado Springs.

Once you find and purchase a home, you will need to start planning your move. If you want to make storing and staging your move to Colorado Springs easier, then renting a self-storage unit is a great option. The team at Garden of the Gods Self Storage can provide you with a great deal on the storage space you need.

Colorado Springs Offers Tons of Outdoor Fun

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as getting outdoors and having some fun. If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, then chances are you want to live in a city with plenty of outdoor attractions. For years, people have flocked to Colorado Springs because of the great skiing venues, hiking trails and camping options this city provides.

Recently, Colorado Springs was ranked 24th on the list of the fittest cities in the United States. Residents of Colorado Springs have tons of state and local parks that offer hiking options. Whether you are a hiking novice or an experienced navigator, you are sure to find some trails you love in this city.

Popular ski resorts like Keystone and Copper Mountain are a short drive from Colorado Springs. Most ski slopes are open from mid-November to late April, which means you have plenty of time to enjoy tons of winter sports when living in this great city.

There are Fantastic Food Options in Colorado Springs

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If so, Colorado Springs is a great city for you to live in. Residents of Colorado Springs can get delicious meals that they can enjoy in front of scenic views of the Rocky Mountains.

There are tons of restaurants that serve everything from delicious steaks to Mexican-inspired cuisine. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you will also find many options in this great city. The beautiful restaurants in downtown Colorado Springs will make you fall in love with this area and the high-quality cuisine you can find here.

woman and her dog

A Pet Lovers Paradise

The average Colorado Springs pet owner spends over $35 a month on their animals. This is the highest level of pet spending in the United States. Many consider Colorado Springs as a pet lovers paradise due to the various-pet friendly attractions in this city.

The walking trails around popular attractions like Pikes Peak are ideal for walks with your dog. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is also a great area for your pet. Your pet will love the scenic views and high suspension bridges in the part of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is also home to a restaurant specifically for dog owners and their pets. The Pub Dog Colorado offers a 3000 square foot off-leash area where your dog can hang out while you dine. This area includes lots of toys and there are even menu options designed specifically for dogs.

Moving to Colorado Springs

Now that you know about the benefits of living in Colorado Springs, it is time to start planning your move. Taking inventory of all of the items you will bring to your new home is important. If you have aquatic toys, like a boat you are bringing, investing in a boat storage unit is imperative.

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