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How to Pack For a Move in 2 Weeks

Are you transitioning to a new city or moving to a smaller home in less than two weeks? This is a stressful feeling since you don’t have enough time to pack everything. Packing is a headache-inducing chore if you aren’t prepared.

However, moving at the last minute doesn’t have to be stressful. You only need to be organized to save you time and energy in the long run. Let us show you the important parts of the moving process. There are some key steps to keep your move organized and as stress-free as possible.

1.      Get Organized

If you have a short time to move, you need some ingenuity, a lot of energy, and getting organized. Start by organizing, making lists, and preparing for packing. Inform your property owner in time to avoid any conflicts and plan in terms of pets and children. Also, look for a storage company to declutter your house before moving.

Look at your home to ensure you’ll pack everything, and make a list of the items you plan to pack or leave behind. Categorize the items into the essential ones, and thus, you will give them away. After that, decide what you move since you can’t move everything you don’t need. You might need to move some items to a storage unit.

2.      Gather Enough Packing Supplies

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Packing is a major part of moving from your old home to a new one. It helps if you gather essential packing supplies. Determine how much you need to pack, and then buy more supplies to make packing easier. You can find packing materials from home depot or online.

Your supplies should include the essentials such as packing paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Also, include mattress bags, permanent markers, Ziploc bags, and stretch plastic wraps. You need bubble wrap to pack and carrying fragile items.

3.      Pack Everything You Own Strategically

Start packing rarely used items you won’t need in the next future. Always pack non-essential items first and finish with the Essential ones. Use small boxes for heavy and fragile items, with large boxes holding the bulky and lighter items.

Also, ensure you pack all your items room by room and keep the packed boxes in each room. In most cases, these fragile items take extra time and care to pack.

When packing, label the contents and anything fragile. Descriptive labels ensure you find whatever you’re looking for easily. Label each box with what’s inside and where it goes. Detailed labeling makes it easy when unpacking to know which box to unpack first. For example, use a big sticker on the boxes containing your essentials for easy identification.

4.      Call In Some Help

Call help from family and friends if you feel overwhelmed. You can be easily overwhelmed if you take on too much by yourself. If you’re moving in less than two weeks, you don’t have to be shy about asking for some helping hands. Let them know the day you’re moving and invite them for some help. Don’t forget to express your gratitude both verbally and through other gestures.

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5.      Get Professional Help

Apart from using family and friends for help, look into hiring professional movers. It isn’t easy to move all your belongings by yourself. A professional will avoid damaging your furniture and other fragile items. Ensure you schedule in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

If you are tired of packing your items, find a professional company to perform all the remaining arduous tasks. These professional packing services can help you pack and unpack at your new place. For example, hire professional cleaners to ensure you leave a clean home for the next tenant.

6.      Use Self-Storage To Speed Up Your Move

You can store non-essential items in a self-storage unit such as a garage. These are the items you don’t have a specific room to place. You can also rent a mobile storage pod such as self-storage Colorado Springs if you are sensitive to time.

Within the storage unit, pack the boxes correctly. For example, the heavier items should be at the bottom of the unit. You can maximize space in the storage unit by starting at the bottom. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom layer and work your way up to the top. You can install shelving in your storage unit to maximize your storage. It can help organize the oddly shaped items that don’t fit in the boxes.

You need to know how to pack and organize a storage unit to store the extra furniture. When packing, focus on keeping relevant items together.

7.      Make Travel Arrangements

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Have a moving company come and load your boxes on the day of moving. Ensure you book a truck service as fast as possible and prepare it for an early move. You can find a trustworthy moving company by asking for referrals from family and friends.

Renting a truck for your move can save you money. The professional moving company will transport your items safely. If you have pets, ensure you make travel arrangements to get them to a new destination.

8.      Start Early On the D-Day

The night before moving, get enough sleep to ensure your alert the following day. You are likely to stay calm if you have enough sleep and less likely to forget something important. Having a fresh mind allows you to tackle the most difficult packing tasks on the day of moving. Be conscious of time management and focus on getting things done quickly.

Bottom Line

Moving is a stressful and time-intensive process. Ideally, you will have a month to plan, pack, and clean. If you have two weeks or fewer to move, it becomes inherently stressful.

However, you don’t have to lose your mind. The solution to packing for a move is to have a strategy. There are several things to consider before getting ready to move. These moving tips can help you take the shortest time to pack your home without stress.