5 Tips on How to Store Fragile Items

When you are moving it is important to pay careful attention to how to store fragile items. If you don’t carefully pack them, when your car or moving truck takes a sharp turn or hits a pot hole the items can be damaged. Moving can be extremely stressful, and you don’t want to deal with broken and damaged mirrors or glasses after the move.

Tips for storing fragile items:

Use the correct boxes.

We have dish packs and glass boxes to store your dishes and glasses properly. By taking the time to store your dishes and glasses with these specialized packing cartons, you are providing your dishes with the best protection with superior cushioning.

Use heavy duty plastic containers

You can also pack your fragile items in plastic storage bins. Plastic containers have convenient handles, making them easier to pack and move in and out of the storage unit. They withstand regular use and stack easily, saving you space.

Pack with Bubble Wrap, Foam Sheets, Peanuts, Stretch Wrap and Packing Paper.

Wrap your fragile items with bubble wrap, newspaper, or specialized wrap before putting items in plastic containers or boxes. These additional wrapping materials will provide cushion for the items to help prevent unnecessary damage. Using multiple packing materials will provide added protection to keep your items secure.

Stack fragile items at the top

When packing and organizing your storage, keep more fragile items near the top. Stacking will allow more efficient use of your storage space, however fragile items may be crushed by heavier items if placed at the bottom of a stack .

Select Climate Enhanced Units

Some fragile items will need additional protection after you have stored them away. Paper documents, electronics, photos and other items can be damaged by heat and humidity. A climate enhanced storage unit keeps everything at a consistent temperature.

How to store fragile items for your self storage units.

Take time and pay careful attention to your fragile items when you move. Taking the additional time to pack them and store them properly will help to keep them protected during your move and placing them in your storage unit. Have a question about storing fragile items in a storage unit? Contact us at Garden of the Gods Storage Units in Colorado Springs.