5 Steps to Storing a Refrigerator

Storing a Refrigerator When moving there is a lot of things that a person has to think about and keeping the fridge is one of them. The refrigerator is a large piece of equipment and it takes a bit of work storing a refrigerator. Here below are some simple and well trusted tips to keep [...]

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Moving out of your college dorm

Moving into the college dorm or apartment was fun. The sheets and towels were new, and it was exciting to start a new adventure.  Moving out of your college dorm is not nearly as exciting. When you move back home, there is an entirely different vibe. The dorm room is dirty, and has a layer [...]

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Holiday Storage Solutions and Christmas Organizing Ideas

It’s so fun to get into the holiday spirit by decorating the home with festive items both inside and out. But those decorations sit in boxes for most of the year. It can be a problem to have them taking up any amount of space in your apartment or house. Don’t waste space in your [...]

Seasonal Storage Units for Students in the Fall

As summer draws to a close in Colorado Springs students are preparing for the fall semester and cooler temperatures. Extra blankets and heavy cold weather clothes take up space. So it’s helpful to store away summer clothing if you don’t want to live with clutter. Learn about our seasonal storage units for students in the [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions – Get Organized

Get Organized in 2018 with a Self Storage Unit Adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Clutter can add up and take over your living space. Learn to let go by moving your clutter to a storage unit. All of your belongings will be safe and secured while you enjoy your clean decluttered space in your home. Everyday [...]