How to Use Short Term Storage

10 Ways How to Use Short Term Storage and Make Life Easier

Ways to Use Short Term Storage

Did you know that self-storage is highly effective for short-term storage needs?  That’s right, using self-storage does not have to be a long-term situation.  No matter what your reasons for needing short-term self-storage, there is an option for you.

Self-storage facilities can meet all your needs and you can find units that are climate-controlled, units that are big enough to store all your belongings, units that are smaller for fewer items.  The possibilities are endless so take a look at our list of ten common reasons for using short-term self-storage.

Short Term Storage for Relocating or Moving

One of the most common reasons to use short-term self-storage would be moving or relocating.  Whether you are searching for a storage unit “near me” or closer to your new residence, making a move to a new home or new state can uproot your whole life.  In the process of moving, you will need to organize and collect all the items you want to take with you and then try to get them to the new location without any problems.

Depending on your needs, renting a self-storage unit for short-term use may just make moving easier.  Instead of trying to pack and move everything within a few days, a short-term self-storage space may allow you to take your time.  In the months and weeks leading up to the move, transition your belongings into storage.

Then, you can take your time unpacking once you have officially moved to the new location.  The extra space could relieve the pressure to pack and unpack quickly.

Traveling on a Long Trip

If you are lucky enough to get the chance to take a long trip where you will be away for many months or years, where do you put all your belongings in the meantime?  You can always rent a self-storage unit to use to place your belongings while you are out roaming the wilds.

You do not have to sell your items or downsize significantly to travel around the world.  But, you can store them in a self-storage facility where they can rest safely until your return.

Student Work Placements

You may be a part of a college program that requires you to gain further work experience.  You may be placed somewhere not local to you to get the knowledge that you need.  This usually requires that you move temporarily to this placement.

Short term storage is a great way to store your belongings while you complete your student placement.  That way you do not have to pay rent on an apartment or house that you will not need.  The more affordable option would be to rent the storage space until you need your possessions again.

College Students Need to Store Their Belongings

College students always have the dilemma of storing their dorm possessions during the summer.  Using a short term storage unit may be the most affordable option for them.  Instead of trying to move their mattress, dressers, and end tables back home, it may be more convenient to store them close to campus until they are needed again in the fall.

This would also save money if the college student lives far away from university, like out of state or not locally.

Renovating Your Home

Even though renovating your house can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming as you realize that you need to get your furniture and other items out of harm’s way as the work is being done.  If you do not have the space to store your belongings, you may want to consider a short term storage unit.

Then you can move your possessions into a unit for safekeeping until the renovations are complete.

Getting Ready to Stage Your Home For Sale

When you are staging a house for sale, you may not want to use all of your own furniture and accessories, as they may not appeal to all buyers.  To make the home more attractive to the masses you may need to remove certain items and replace them with more neutral items.

So, while your home is being staged for sale, you can move your belongings into a short term self-storage unit.  When the sale is complete, you can pull the possessions out again when you are ready to move.

Storing Seasonal Equipment

If you have seasonal equipment that is not being used year-round, you should consider storing them at a short term self-storage unit.  Equipment like snow blowers, lawnmowers, and gardening tools can’t be used year-round in many climates.

So, instead of storing them in your garage or backyard, consider using a climate enhanced self storage unit.  That way you do not have to take up all your space on your property storing these seasonal items.

Storing Business Belongings

Starting a business is exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  New businesses tend to take up more space than owners predict, especially if the new business is product-related.  Trying to find room for all of the inventory, documents and other tools can be stressful.

A new business owner might realize that all of the business items cannot fit in their office.  A great option would be to rent a short term self storage unit.  That way there is enough room to store all business items as the business grows and expands.


If you are entering into a divorce you may be experiencing some overwhelming emotional stress.  And, if you are the one leaving the family home you may start to feel financially overwhelmed too. Short term storage may be the answer to your woes.

If you are in-between places with no other place to store your possessions, a temporary self-storage unit may be the way to go.  You can keep your belongings in the unit and access them whenever you need to.  And, if you and your ex-partner cannot decide on who gets what, those items can be stored in the unit until those decisions have been finalized.

Belongings With Sentimental Value

You may have some items that have great sentimental value that you do not want to part with but may not have the space to store.  Perhaps these items are family heirlooms, ornaments, photos, or art pieces.

Instead of throwing out your sentimental items, think about renting a short term self storage unit to place them in, until you do have space.  Remember that some units come climate enhanced and are set up for easy access to your items.  Some facilities offer month-to-month options too, so you only pay for what you really need.

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  1. Hi there! Since my neighbor’s house is going to be remodeled starting next week, he plans to store many of his furniture away for a while. I really like it when you stated that we can even hire a storage unit for a short period of time without actually having to own it eventually. I’ll ask him to take a closer look into this option when he makes further arrangement afterwards.

  2. You bring up a good point that if you are renovating your home, then self-storage can keep your things safely out of the way. I am going to be renovating the entire top level of my home and will keep this advice in mind. It would be smart for me to find a storage unit in my area that can help me accomplish this goal.

  3. My aunt is shifting office next month and wants to hire a heated storage unit to store some of her furniture there temporarily. Its great when you said that some facilities also offer month-to-month options! Thanks for the tips on using short term storage and I will definitely be sharing your blog with her!

  4. I like how you said that self-storage allows you to move your possessions for safekeeping while your home is being renovated. My parents are starting a renovation on their house next month and need to move much of their belonging out. I’ll recommend that they rent a storage unit from a reputable facility to keep their stuff safe during the project.

  5. I appreciate you mentioning that moving or relocating is one of the most frequent reasons people use short-term self-storage. My aunt wants to organize her belongings and then give them, but she is unsure about where to keep all of her large goods. I advised her to rent a storage facility, and I will unquestionably let her know about your webpage.

  6. Excellent explanation on the advantages of storage lockers. This is very useful to me since my parents are rebuilding their home and need some form of storage for their valuable stuff. It’s excellent that you suggested that temporary storage containers could be a great option for storing belongings while our property is being renovated. I’ll notify my parents and hire a storage unit agency as soon as possible; thanks.

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