stress out of moving with kids

How to Take the Stress Out of Moving with Kids: A Guide for Parents

Guide to taking out the stress of moving with kids.

Moving is stressful for adults let alone kids. They are usually the ones who don’t have a say in what their new home will be or where they will go to school. This can be tough on them and parents alike, but there’s something you can do about it! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to take the stress out of moving with kids by providing a guide for parents.

Many think that moving to a new city or town is just about packing and unpacking. However, when you’re an elementary school child making the move with your parents, it can be overwhelming as well. Moving means adjusting to all of these changes: saying goodbye to friends at previous schools; being thrown into a totally different environment where they might not know anyone in their class; dealing with feelings of inadequacy because they are “the new kid” from now on. Some children worry too much for no reason though–movement isn’t always so bad!

Taking the Stress out of Moving With Children

For the children of military families, their challenges can be even more stressful. It is not uncommon for a family to relocate every two or three years and will now be moving greater distances than they have before. This can make it difficult since when the serviceman moves from base living into civilian neighborhoods, he/she may feel isolated without any peers who could identify with what life in such an environment would entail – especially those that live on bases most of the time.

Parents with children in school will find that the actual move takes place over a period of time. The school year ends, and this is when most schools are at their busiest – so it’s better to wait until summer break before starting a new curriculum or switching schools. Parents should also take advantage of moving during holidays if possible, as many families have found that the stress of school along with moving can be challenging.

Whether you are a military family or civilian family the challenges are the same. From finding supplies like boxes and bubble wrap to securing storage for your household items, here are some tips on keeping stress levels for kids at a minimum.

Communication Is Important When Moving

Moving can be daunting for adults, let alone children. Preparing them and having open communication about the process is essential to help keep their stress levels at a minimum. It’s important to make sure they know when you are moving so that nothing comes as too much of a surprise; this includes packing up their rooms ahead of time if possible.

The most powerful question you can ask over and over during the move is “What can I do to help you?” Kids usually know what they want, so let them tell!

Letting kids talk about how they feel helps. Try not to interrupt if a child says something that needs addressing–they will tell us when it’s important.

Make sure there are plenty of activities for kids who may be at home more than usual while parents work on unpacking; this also gives those with siblings an opportunity for companionship and playtime outside of school hours.

Establish A Routine

Your kids’ schedules might be disrupted when you move and establishing a routine is going to take some time, but it’s important for your family. When they’re faced with the daunting task of unpacking box after box in their new home or if settling into a different school takes up most of their free time; keeping regular mealtimes and bedtimes may not be a top priority on your list. But it’s never too late to start!

When it comes to moving, packing,  and the back and forth to the best storage unit Colorado Springs has to offer, it will always involve a certain level of stress. A routine can help build normalcy and lessen the worries of young children.

A step further would be to hang family pictures immediately to give the home a fence of normalcy as well as personality. Comforting items such as blankets or stuffed animals should also be available at the new home, especially for younger children on the move for the first time.

Help Them Make New Friends (and stay in touch with old friends)

The adjustment for children when they move to a new community is not always easy. For many kids, the hardest part of moving out of their comfort zone is leaving friends behind. Friendships are critical and adolescents can feel very isolated after relocating to an unfamiliar neighborhood.

It is important to help your children to meet new friends. This can be done as soon as you move to a new address. You can start by introducing yourself to the neighbors and their children. With a soft intro, kids may feel more comfortable asking new friends to play.

It can also be stressful leaving old friends. Helping your children stay in touch with past friends is much easier in this day and age. Technology can be your friend as it solves the issue of distance. If you are moving across town, things are much easier, like letting your kids know they can invite your old friends over to the new house or arrange a play date so your kids are not lonely.

Try And Keep Things Sunny to Help Take the Stress Out of Moving for the Kids.

Moving can be an exciting experience for kids. That’s why when you talk to your child about it, focus on the good things. Maybe they will get a bigger house or move somewhere where there is more sun! For military families, remind them that their family has to because dad is in the military and his job takes him all around the world so they have no choice but to keep moving with him-no matter how much he misses home as well!

Your own attitude toward the relocation can also have a tremendous impact on how your child handles the move. If you let your children see that you are stressed, sad, or angry about having to uproot the family, they will likely feel as if such emotions were warranted too. So try and stay positive—even when not feeling completely comfortable with all aspects of it either!

If you’re going to be moving with children, it’s important that you help them feel as comfortable and secure in their new surroundings and your disposition can work wonders when making them feel comfortable.

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