moiving tips during the summer to avoid the heat

Moving Tips During the Summer

Moving tips during the summer to avoid the heat.

Did you know that almost 70 percent of people move during the summer? Whether it is moving out of a home or out of a storage unit.

It’s true, and the peak moving time is between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  So, it looks like moving season is officially upon us.   While summer is a convenient time to move for students, families and professionals, there are some downsides to moving in the summer months.  For example, the costs will be higher to hire a moving company because it is peak moving season.  And, you will have to deal with the hot, and sometimes humid summer weather.

Fortunately for you, there are things you can do that can help you avoid a sweaty and frustrating move.  Read further for our essential tips to help you with a summer move.

Get Your Packing Supplies Early and All at Once

By planning ahead and purchasing all of the packing supplies from your storage company at one time, it will save you from making multiple hot and time consuming car trips to purchase these items. Our storage facility has all of the moving and packing supplies you will need. It will also allow you to pack up your items well in advance in the comfort of air conditioning.

Expect the Cost to Be Higher – Moving tips during the summer

As mentioned above, moving in summer means that you may have to pay more if you hire professionals to help.  Summer is considered peak moving time because school is out, making it more convenient for families to move.  College students are also moving out of their dorms in summer, and the weather will not be too cold. Learn about our college storage solutions.

However, if you are concerned about the costs of moving in summer, then you will want to avoid it during a holiday weekend.  Moving trucks will be even more expensive to rent, and traffic may become an issue as people are on the road more during these times.  Some summer holiday weekends to avoid include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Use Extra Caution When Packing Electronics – moving tips during the summer

You should be aware that not all your possessions fare well in the heat.  Electronics especially, will not be able to handle sitting in a hot moving truck for hours on end.  Unfortunately, electronics will become overheated and can be ruined by hot weather.  So, it is best to know that smartphones, laptops, tv’s and certain appliances do not fare well in hot conditions.

When it comes to packing, pack these items separately and keep them in air conditioning if possible.  In fact, plan on packing electronics last and unpacking them first.  It may also be smart to pack what electronic items you can in waterproof containers or bags to avoid a stray summer shower.

Lastly, electronics are not the only items that can withstand the summer heat.  Also consider anything that has the potential to melt like crayons, candles and foods that are perishable to be added to your list.

Have Your Utilities Turned On Before You Move

Something that should be considered top priority if you are moving in summer, is to make sure you have your utilities turned on in the new home before you move in.  This way, you can avoid moving into a sweltering house.

The last thing you need is to arrive at your new residence, and it is unbearably hot.  So, make all the arrangements necessary before you move! That way, the first thing you can do when you get to the new house is turn on the working air conditioning.  Cooling down the home beforehand will help make for an easy transition into your new space.

Just in case, be sure to bring a portable fan with you, which you can use in your moving vehicle, or until your new house is cooled by the air conditioning.  Set the fan up near the entrance of your house.  Everyone who will be helping with the move will thank you!  Luckily, a portable fan is affordable and can be purchased at stores like Lowe’s, Target, or Walmart.

Plan to Start Your Move in the A.M.

Try to get started on your move in the early morning hours before the heat from the sun and UV rays are at their strongest.  During the hours of 11am and 3pm is when the heat will be at its’ most blazing.

An early start time like 8am (or earlier if possible) means moving when the day is much cooler, sometimes even a whopping ten degrees cooler.  You could also try moving in the afternoon and early evening hours when the temperatures cool down.

This might not be a possibility if you have hired a moving company.  Moving companies prefer early start times to afternoon or early evening times.

Follow These Suggestions to Further Beat the Heat

Even if you do manage to start your move early, eventually the sun will come out in full force.  Therefore, it is important that you prepare yourself the summer heat before it hits.

First, make sure to dress appropriately for the day.  You want to dress to be comfortable when the heat hits.  Wear light, breathable clothing, and closed toe shoes.  Remember that moving requires a lot of physical activity, so dress for it in athletic wear.

Also, remember to apply your sunscreen.  You will be in and out of the heat all day, and you should plan on being outside most of the day.  Choose a brand that is a waterproof sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher that has broad spectrum coverage.  Apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you head outside.

Finally, make sure you have enough bottled water on hand.  Moving in the heat of summer means that you will need to keep yourself hydrated.  And, if you hired professional movers, make sure to offer them water too.

Monitor Yourself for Symptoms of Overheating

Remember that exposure to the heat and humidity can be dangerous to your health.  Even if you stay hydrated, wear the right clothes, and apply sunscreen, you can still find yourself overheating.  It is very important to know the signs and symptoms of overheating in order to stay safe.

These symptoms include dizziness, headache, nausea, feeling faint or fainting away, muscle cramps, weakness, elevated body temperature, seizures, and general confusion.  If anyone involved in the move begins to show these symptoms it is time to take a much-needed break.  Get the person out of the sun and into air conditioning fast.

If air conditioning is not available, use the portable fan or a cool towel to bring down the body temperature.  Or, if it is possible, have the person take a cool shower.  If they fainted or feel faint, have them lie down in a cool place.  And drink water to stay hydrated.