Here at Garden of the Gods Self Storage we have a wide variety of moving and packing supplies to help you pack, organize, and protect your belongings!

Moving and Packing Supplies for Sale

moving and packing supplies Bubble wrap and packing peanuts

Mattress Bags and Dust Covers:

Mattress Bags and Dust covers come in a wide variety, and help protect your belongings from dust and getting damaged during the move.  We offer four mattress sizes, sofa, chair, and drop cloths.

  • Twin Mattress Cover – $3.49 ea
  • Full Mattress Cover – $3.49 ea
  • Queen Mattress Cover – $3.95 ea
  • King Mattress Cover – $4.95 ea
  • Sofa Cover – $3.95 ea
  • Chair Cover – $3.95 ea
  • Drop Cloth – $1.50 ea

Dish and Glass Packs:

packing supplies - dish boxes and glass packs - moving and packing supplies

Dish and glass packs help efficiently organize your kitchen ware as well as protect it from chipping and scratching.  We offer both dish and glass packs and the boxes they fit in!

  • Glass pack – $8.99 ea
  • Dish Pack – $8.99 ea

Moving Boxes:

We offer three varieties of moving boxes, and offer a bundle discount for each size when you purchase an entire bundle.

  • Small (1.5 cubic feet) – $1.49 ea
  • Medium (3.1 cubic feet) – $2.35 ea
  • Large (4.5 cubic feet) – $3.00 ea

Wardrobe Boxes:

Wardrobe boxes are great for long garments and jackets that will be stored over long periods of time.  We offer two sizes of wardrobe boxes. moving boxes and packing supplies for sale

  • Small Wardrobe Box (10.72 cubic feet) – $9.95 ea
  • Large Wardrobe Box (14 cubic feet) – $11.95 ea

Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts and Packing Paper:

When storing your belongings inside a box it’s important to use the right type of packing supplies for the job.  We offer three types of packing materials bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and packing peanuts.

  • Bubble Wrap Box – $19.95 ea
  • Bubble Wrap Pack – $2.99 ea
  • Packing Peanuts – $4.95 ea
  • Wrapping Paper – $9.95 ea

Mattress bags and dust covers - moving and storage supplies    wardrobe boxes and moving boxes for sale