Moving out of your college dorm

Moving out of your college dorm

Moving into the college dorm or apartment was fun. The sheets and towels were new, and it was exciting to start a new adventure.  Moving out of your college dorm is not nearly as exciting.

When you move back home, there is an entirely different vibe. The dorm room is dirty, and has a layer of dust. Every article of clothing is dirty and thrown everywhere. Moving out is tough and involves planning and even a little bit of hand-to-hand combat.


The night before was the last night of the school year and there is a good chance that it was a late one. Starting out with coffee can help give you ambition to get started.

Make Three Piles

  1. Things you will need to use over the summer
  2. Items that will not be touched until next fall
  3. Things that should be thrown out, that you didn’t really need, and should never have bought.

Get Rid of It

  • Throw out trash, wrappers, old papers, bottle and cans and that includes the moldy contents of the tiny refrigerator
  • Return anything to the University that belongs to them
  • Make a trip to the campus bookstore with textbooks to sell back.

Have you discovered the blue Ikea Shopping Bags? They are a life saver when you move.  They are both incredibly lightweight and incredibly durable. Buy a multi pack

Store things until Fall

Moves aren’t cheap and in three months, you are going to do this all over again. It might be less expensive and much easier to just store everything in a storage facility. Go to Garden of the Gods Self Storage and purchase packing boxes and packing supplies. Pack up boxes of things that will not be touched all summer. They can be sealed, labeled and moved from the college dorm room our storage facility for the summer and back again without being opened once. Use a big marker to label the boxes. See our College Moving and Storage solutions page for more info.

Black and white garbage bagswhite garbage bags for clothes

Black garbage bags are another key to make this move happen with the least amount of stress and strain. Large black trash bags will work for the mountains of garbage and they also work as suitcases which fit, snugly and perfectly, into your car.

White tall kitchen trash bags can be used for clothes on hangers.  It is an easy way to move.  Just bring along a box of kitchen trash bags and masking tape.

Ship Your Belongings

All your belongings may not fit neatly into your car. Grab some shipping-ready boxes and mail your things home. You may have to shuttle a few loads to ship back before you pack up the car for the ride home.

The good news? It’s faster to move out than it is to move in. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be pretty. Be prepared and stay organized and you can be moved out of your dorm in no time.