Holiday Storage Solutions and Christmas Organizing Ideas

Holiday Storage Solutions and Christmas Organizing Ideas

Celebrating the holiday season often involves decking out your home with an array of festive decorations. While these items bring joy and warmth during the season, they tend to consume significant storage space in your home for the rest of the year. To optimize your living space, consider using a dedicated storage unit for your holiday decorations. This strategy not only declutters your home but also ensures that your decorations remain in good condition for the next season.

Comprehensive Labeling for Easy Access:

  • Properly label each decoration before storing it. Clear labeling is crucial for quick identification and retrieval. If you’re using a box for multiple decoration types, label each compartment inside the box to avoid confusion when you next unpack.

Ornament Storage Solutions:

  • Invest in compartmentalized boxes specifically designed for ornaments, especially for those that are round or uniquely shaped. These boxes provide enhanced protection and are available at storage facilities like ours. This ensures your delicate ornaments remain safe and sound.

Christmas Light Preservation:

  • To avoid a tangled mess, wrap your Christmas lights around a sturdy piece of cardboard or an empty wrapping paper roll. Secure the ends with masking tape to keep them in place. This technique makes for hassle-free unpacking and setup in the subsequent holiday season.

Maintaining Original Packaging:

  • Keep the original packaging for decorations with smaller components, like nativity scenes or miniature holiday villages. The original boxes are tailored to fit these items perfectly and often have descriptive images, reducing the need for additional labels.

Storing Flat Decorations:

  • For flat decorations such as paper snowflakes or wooden figures, store them in shoe boxes or labeled gift boxes with layers of tissue paper in between. This method protects them from damage and keeps them organized.

Utilizing Bubble Wrap for Fragile Items:

  • Wrap delicate or heirloom ornaments first in tissue paper, followed by bubble wrap before placing them in storage boxes. This extra layer of protection helps in preventing any breakage or damage.

Assembling a Holiday Toolkit:

  • Prepare a toolkit containing all the essentials for holiday decorating, such as hooks, tape, scissors, ribbons, wire cutters, and extra lights. Keeping these items together in one place makes decorating efficient and enjoyable.

Smart Wreath Storage:

  • Hang your wreaths on a coat rack instead of stuffing them into boxes. Protect them with plastic bags and label each for easy identification. This method keeps them in shape and ready for display.

Innovative Wrapping Paper Storage:

  • Use a see-through garment bag for storing wrapping paper. This keeps your wrapping paper in good condition and easily accessible without taking up too much space.

Holiday Decor Storage at Garden of the Gods Self Storage:

  • For those with an extensive collection of holiday decorations, a small storage unit at Garden of the Gods Self Storage can be an excellent option. Our facility offers various unit sizes to accommodate your specific storage needs, providing a secure and convenient solution for your festive decorations.

Adopting these detailed storage techniques will ensure your holiday decorations are well-organized, easily accessible, and protected, making your holiday preparation more streamlined and enjoyable. Here are 9 tips to remember when storing holiday items.

  1. Label everything. Before packing away decorations, label everything so you know where items are, and what they are. If planning to store more than one type of decoration in a box, label each section to save time and frustration next year.
  2. Use divided boxes for ornaments. Divided boxes are perfect for storing round or odd-shape ornaments. They are sturdier than commercial versions and offer better protection. You can purchase these at our storage facility for perfect holiday storage.
  3. Wrap lights before storing. When taking down the Christmas lights, wrap them around a piece of cardboard or a wrapping paper tube.  This prevents them from getting tangled in storage. Then tape the ends of the light strings to the cardboard with masking tape to keep them secure.
  4. Save the original packaging. When storing items with small pieces, like nativity sets or holiday villages, is helps to keep the original packaging. This ensures that the box is the right size, and the picture on the box doesn’t require a label.
  5. Stack flat ornaments. Place flat ornaments, such as icicles, flat snowflakes,and wooden cutouts, between layers of tissue and store them in shoe boxes or labeled gift boxes.
  6. Use bubble wrap. For delicate Christmas ornaments, store with bubble wrap. It is best not to place it directly against the ornament.First, wrap fragile or vintage ornaments in tissue paper, then add a layer of bubble wrap before placing in a cardboard box.
  7. Put together a holiday tool kit. Fill a regular toolbox or a shoe box with holiday essentials.  Everything from ornament hooks, tape, wire cutters, nylon line, ribbon, scissors, florist’s wire, twist ties, the spare Christmas lights, so that next year all the Holiday supplies are ready to go.
  8. Hang wreaths on a rack.  Instead of stuffing wreaths in plastic tubs or boxes, keep them fluffed and ready for next season using a coat rack. Cover each of the wreaths with a plastic bag and hang on a hanger.  Then label each wreath accordingly.
  9. Hang it up– Use a see-through garment bag for wrapping paper storage. It keeps the wrapping paper dust free and easily accessible.
Holiday Storage Solutions and Christmas Organizing Ideas

For those of us who are especially festive, (think Greely Grizwalds) the holiday decorations can take up quite a bit of space.  Storing them at our Garden of the Gods Self Storage Facility can be the ideal solution. Consider renting a small storage unit to store all your holiday decorations for next year.  There are many reasons to rent a storage unit.