storing lawn equipment and outdoor furniture

Tips for storing lawn equipment and patio furniture for the season

Tips for storing lawn equipment and patio furniture.

As the weather starts to change, it’s time to start thinking about how to store your lawn equipment and patio furniture. Your seasonal changeover should include a strategy for storing seasonal items. Map out a plan and follow these tips to prep and store your lawn equipment and patio furniture for the season.

Proper storage and prepping will ensure your seasonal items are ready to go for the next season. Your items last longer and you can save on replacement costs by taking the time to winterize your summer items.

Storing Lawn Equipment and Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Lawn and patio furniture takes a beating from the heat and sun summer after summer. Protecting outdoor items from wear and tear is important not only during the season but year-round as well!

To protect your outdoor furniture so that it will last long, prep and store your summer items properly. Take the time to do a little maintenance by cleaning off dirt and grime to prepare for winter storage.

Let Furniture Dry

After cleaning your outdoor furniture, be sure to let it dry before storing it. Place cushions and pillows in plastic bags in a dry area to avoid moisture. Hang or stack chairs and other furniture in a garage or storage unit. Indoor, climate-controlled storage units are the best solution to protect your furniture from fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

Inspect Outdoor Grills

Inspect your outdoor grill for needed repairs so that it will be ready for next summer’s BBQs. Before storing, make sure it is clean by scrubbing the grates to prevent the growth of bacteria. Next coat the grates with cooking oil to help prevent rust.

Remove Propane Tank

It is important to know that a gas grill should never be stored in basements or garages without removing its propane tank first. Store your barbeque grill in a dry area to protect it from the elements.

Storing Lawn Equipment for the Season

Unhook Garden Hoses

To prevent leaks and cracking during winter, garden hoses should be disconnected from the exterior faucets and drained completely before storing them.

Keep tools out of dampness and moisture

Lawn hand tools are susceptible to rust, so protecting them from moisture is the main storage concern.

Prepping tools for storage

You should prep the tools by coating the metal parts with cooking oil. This will prevent rusting and keep any moving parts lubricated.

Another option is to fill a bucket with dry sand and store your tools in there to absorb any moisture. Make sure the bucket is stored in a covered area.

Lawn Mower Storage

Your lawnmower is probably the biggest investment when it comes to lawn equipment, and you want to ensure it lasts for years of service. So, getting it ready for storage is critical.

Make sure it’s empty and free from any gas or oil if storing it in cold temperatures because this can cause freezing if the temperature dips too low. Plus, it can cause all sorts of damage to the engine.

You need to lubricate all moving parts like clutch cables and accessible transmission parts to prevent rust from any moisture. A shed or storage unit is ideal, but you can store the lawn mower on a concrete slab or other dry foundation if it is covered securely with a tarp.

By following these simple tips for storing lawn equipment and outdoor furniture, your things will be in great shape and ready for another great season next year.

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