how to safely store your holiday decorations this year

How to safely store your holiday decorations

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s a time for fun and family, but it can also be a time for chaos and stress. One way to minimize the chaos is to take some time to get organized and plan for how to store your holiday decorations for next year.

Before we go over some tips to help you with this task, you need to think about where you want to store these items. Areas in the garage, basement, or attic can work if you have the room, and it isn’t subject to extreme temperature fluctuations.  If you don’t have the extra space or are concerned about humidity or freezing temperatures, then you should consider renting a secure, self-storage unit to safely store your items.

A climate-controlled storage unit provides as much space as you need to protect all your belongings. Once you have decided on your storage options, follow these tips and your holiday decorations can be safely stored until next year.

Take Photos of Decorations

Have you ever started your Christmas decorating and suddenly realize you can’t remember which decorations go where. Which lights did you use on the mantel or which centerpiece goes on the dining room table? To help keep track of all your decorating, take photos before taking down your decorations so you have them for future reference. It’s so easy with today’s technology to capture quick pictures with your mobile phone.  Afterward, you can store them digitally on your computer, electronic devices, or the cloud.

Storing Christmas Ornaments

Many people may have some Christmas ornaments that are irreplaceable treasures.  Some are meaningful life events or traditions, and some were created by the little hands of their children, made of construction paper, glue, and glitter. No matter what type of ornaments you have, you can find endless options of boxes and containers that are made specifically to protect your special or fragile ornaments.

If you don’t want to buy special storage boxes or containers, you can use the original ornament boxes and just store them in plastic crates.  Leave the hangers in the ornaments so they are ready to hang next season and store extras in the crates.

Christmas Tree Storage

Artificial trees are quite durable but storing the tree in its original box is not always best.  Over the years cardboard will begin to deteriorate, which can make it prone to insects, and the tree being jammed into the box year after year can ruin the tree. If you want your artificial tree to last long and look fresh for years to come, then the best option is a Christmas tree bag.

You just set the entire tree in the bag and pull the bag upward to cover the tree completely. Artificial trees should be stored in an area between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is especially important if you have a frosted or flocked tree since they don’t hold up well in extreme temperatures.

Storing Christmas Wreaths

As with other Christmas decorations, there are plenty of options for wreath storage.  To keep your wreath looking fresh, consider sturdy containers that preserve the shape of your wreath and protect its decorative bows or ornaments.  Another option is to simply hang your wreaths from hooks on a pegboard in your storage area or storage unit.  For added protection, cover the wreath with a lightweight dry-cleaning bag.

how to safely store your holiday decorations and christmas lightsSafely Store Your Holiday Decorations and Christmas Lights

Remember that one of the main reasons for doing this is organization. So, the first thing you need to do is toss out any lights that are damaged or not working.  Next, avoid tangled messes by wrapping your lights around storage reels.

To save money you can wrap your lights around other household items such as coffee cans or heavy cardboard pieces.  Once the lights are organized, place them in a storage bin along with any extension cords.

Christmas Linen Storage

Store your Christmas linens wisely to maintain their beauty and prevent damage. Be sure that they are clean before storage, as stains can oxidize over time- making them impossible for you to remove. Avoid wrapping linens in tissue, newspaper, or cardboard as these materials can release gases that result in turning the fabric yellow.

Hangers also damage fabric over time.  Ideally, you should store these linens on an extra shelf in your linen closet if you have the extra space. Another option that works well is a suitcase that you don’t use. Keep in mind these items should also be stored in a climate-controlled environment to preserve them.

Christmas Candle Storage – How to store your holiday decorations

To prevent your candles from getting scratched and discolored, put them in old socks or wrap them in cellophane.  Avoid using plastic wrap or wax paper as they can stick to candles.  After you finish wrapping them properly, store them in a box or crate. It is important to place them in a climate-controlled area to avoid melted or misshapen globs of wax.

Once you have organized all your decorations into boxes you should store them strategically and with labels.  Label each box with a content list and number them so can safely store your holiday decorations in the order in which you want to open them.

Holiday decorations can bring joy to your home year after year, but only if they’re stored properly. Use these tips to keep your holiday decorations in good condition so you can enjoy them for years to come. If you need a storage unit to help with how to store your holiday decorations or other belongings, contact Garden of the Gods Self Storage today. We would be happy to help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

Decoration Storage FAQ’s

  1. What is the best way to store holiday lights to prevent tangling?
    • Answer: The best way to store holiday lights is by wrapping them around a sturdy piece of cardboard, a plastic reel designed for lights, or even a clothes hanger. Secure the ends with tape or a twist tie to keep them in place. This method prevents tangling and makes it easier to unravel the lights next season.
  2. How can I safely store fragile ornaments?
    • Answer: For fragile ornaments, use a storage container with individual compartments or wrap each ornament in bubble wrap or tissue paper before placing them in a sturdy box. You can also repurpose egg cartons or apple containers for smaller ornaments. Always label the boxes as “fragile” and store them in a location where they won’t be crushed.
  3. Is there a recommended way to store artificial holiday trees?
    • Answer: Artificial trees should be stored in a tree storage bag or a large box. Before storing, disassemble the tree if possible and carefully fold the branches. Make sure the storage location is dry and cool to prevent damage to the tree. Avoid storing the tree in areas with extreme temperatures or high humidity.
  4. What are some space-saving tips for storing various holiday decorations?
    • Answer: Utilize vertical space by hanging wreaths and garlands on hooks in a closet or garage. Use clear, stackable storage bins for easy identification of contents. Vacuum-seal bags are great for compressing soft items like stockings and tree skirts. Also, consider using multi-purpose items that can be used for more than one holiday to reduce the amount of storage needed.
  5. How should I organize my holiday decorations for easy access next year?
    • Answer: Organize decorations by category (lights, ornaments, tree decorations, outdoor decor, etc.) and label each storage container accordingly. Consider keeping a list or inventory of what’s in each box. Store items that you’ll use first at the beginning of the season in an easily accessible location. This will make decorating more efficient and enjoyable next year.