5 Crucial Times to Get a Storage Unit

5 Critical Times to Get a Storage Unit

There are many reasons to get a storage unit. Here we will list some of the most crucial times you might need one.


No matter the reason, moving tends to be a stressful process. You may have to leave your present home due to certain reasons until the new living space is ready to move in. Many people may live with friends or family or in a temporary living space during these times. However, moving all your furniture into a temporary living space is impossible. Therefore, getting a self-storage unit to keep all your furniture and belongings until you are ready to move is the best possible solution. There are many different circumstances during a move that may require a storage unit These include:

  • Downsizing:

    Moving to a smaller house can be difficult with so much accumulated stuff over time. You can use a storage unit for your belongings instead of making quick decisions about what to keep or what you think you need and don’t need. Renting a storage unit allows time for you to sort through your belongings when you have time without rush or worry.

  • Closing date changed:

    If you need to be out of your home by a certain date but your closing date for your new place isn’t until after, a storage unit will come in handy! It may be a necessity to store everything from your home. Moving twice can be inconvenient, but at least you’ll have a place for your belongings, and peace of mind that they will be kept safe.

  • Travel:

    Whether you’re a military family who moves often, or if your job requires a lot of traveling and staying in one place is not possible for long periods, having a storage unit for your home base items will come in handy. Then once you are ready to settle down in a longer-term home your storage unit will have all the items you need and be ready to move in.

  • Combining two homes:

    When a couple decides to move in together, or a child moves in with a parent, or vice-versa, combining the two homes typically ends up with extra stuff. A storage unit gives you the extra space and time you need to get things settled and sorted through.

Changes in Relationship Status could be a great reason to get a storage unit   

When personal relationships end in which cohabitation is involved, it’s often the case to go separate ways and find alternative living spaces that are smaller than when together. As a result, storage units may be needed to keep belongings that no longer fit in limited spaces. On the flip side, partners in a new relationship want to set up a house together and both have their stuff that can overfill a home so having a storage unit to hold extra belongings while settling in can be helpful.

Keep vehicles and equipment safe

During the offseason, customers store more than just their cars. Motorcycles, boats, and RVs can all be stored at storage facilities. Most people don’t have enough room in their garage or driveway to park their toys, so storage units are one of the more affordable options. Individuals or companies that use seasonal equipment like camping gear, gardening tools, or ski gear typically don’t want to clutter their homes all year with this stuff. Self-storage units allow for surplus items to be safely stowed away when not in use.

Organize business inventory

Business owners are often in need of storage units as an affordable way to keep track of inventory. Both large and small businesses can store archives, samples, inventory, and important documents. Self-storage units can provide climate and environment-controlled spaces at a significantly lower cost. Access to inventory is typically available whenever needed, and the security offered by reputable self-storage facilities assures business owners that their valued assets are always safe.

Home renovation is a great reason to get a storage unit

During home renovations the last thing you want on your furniture and appliances is dust and debris or for anything to get broken. The concern when renovating is protecting your things until the work is done. During these times when improvements are underway, a self-storage unit can provide good temporary shelter for all your movable items. When the work is complete, you can transition them back to home or take the opportunity to re-plan your interiors.

No matter what your storage needs are, we have short-term and long-term solutions! If you need to get a storage unit, contact Garden of the Gods Self Storage today.