tips for organizing your storage unit

10 Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your storage unit until you need it, and when that time comes it’s usually a mad scramble to find what you need. Pulling everything out of your storage unit and digging through boxes isn’t ideal, especially if the weather is bad or you don’t have the time. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can avoid the hassle and headaches later. Here are ten tips for organizing your storage unit so you can find what you need whenever you need it.

  1. Clean the unit

Giving the floors of your unit a quick clean will help you get the most out of your storage space. This doesn’t have to be a deep detailed clean, but if the unit is new to you, you want to avoid any dust, dirt, or debris that might get on your belongings or affect the integrity of your storage boxes.

  1. Organize your items

Organize your items into groups to make storage and organization more manageable and easier to find. For example, seasonal items together and kitchen items in a group. Organizing everything like this will make it easier to complete the next steps.

  1. Use boxes similar in size.

To maximize storage space pack your items in boxes that are the same size. This helps them to fit better when stacking. Large boxes work great for items that aren’t very heavy, but keep in mind that they are more difficult to remove if you need something out of them, especially if they are at the bottom of a stack.

  1. Consider items you may need access to.

When packing, consider the things you don’t use regularly but may need access to later while you have a storage unit. These can include seasonal décor, tools, or recreational items.

  1. Label boxes.

Once you have grouped your items and packed them in boxes, label each box on the top and at least one side with these three things: the room it belongs to, a unique box number, and the contents. For the boxes that you may need access to later, place a special mark on them so you can remember to put them in the storage unit last.

  1. Create an itemized list.

Make a list of all the contents of each numbered box. This may seem like a cumbersome task, but an itemized list will be handy and serve as your go-to guide whenever you need to get items out of your storage unit.

  1. Plan a layout.

If you want your storage unit to be organized, spend some time planning a layout rather than shoving boxes in wherever they fit, especially if you are going to need to access your unit frequently.  Put some thought into how you pack your storage unit, like the furniture against one wall with the boxes on the other so you can access your boxes without hassle. Planning a layout also ensures that you will have plenty of room in your storage unit for all your belongings.

  1. Consider a larger unit.

Instead of trying to pack too much stuff in every square inch like Tetris, having a little extra space for a path or shelves for more organization can make it easier to access your belongings. So, consider a larger unit, how much stuff you have, and how frequently you’ll need to access it.

  1. Stack boxes accordingly.

When stacking boxes in your storage unit there are a few things to keep in mind. Stack your boxes in order of need from back to front with labels facing out. Heavy and large boxes should be on the bottom with lighter ones stacked on top. Be sure to take extra care of fragile boxes and don’t stack them too high or they will fall over.

  1. Leave room for a walkway

Most people try to pack in as much as possible in their storage unit but forget to leave a little room for a walkway. This makes it extremely difficult to get what you need from your boxes and creates the potential for injury.


While these steps may take some time, they are well worth your effort, and you’ll thank yourself later. This will save time and energy in the future and avoid shuffling through disorganized boxes and leaving them in disarray. If you need help finding the right size unit or need a storage unit that offers security and peace of mind, call Garden of The Gods Storage today for all your storage needs!