storing your snowboards skis and winter gear off season

10 Tips for Storing your Snowboards and Skis Off-season

Storing your snowboards, skis, and winter gear off-season.

Ski and Snowboard Storage is a major problem for many people, and during the off-season, it can be an even bigger issue. Many of us want to keep our skis or snowboards in pristine condition, but we also don’t have enough space to store them properly. This blog post will provide you with some tips on how you can store your boards without ruining their quality.

Check your skis and snowboard for damage.

Flying down the slopes is exhilarating. But if your snowboards and skis are damaged, it can affect performance and could even be a safety hazard. Before you store your winter sports equipment, check them for damage.

Cleaning your winter equipment.

Your skis and snowboards accumulate dirt, mud, salt, and debris. Clean your equipment to prevent corrosion and structural damage. It will also keep from breeding bacteria.

Wax your skis and snowboards.

applying storage wax to skis and snowboards for off-season storage

Coat them with a thick coat of hot wax. This should be 2 to 3 times the amount you would usually use for a wax job. Storage wax will protect your gear from oxidation, moisture, rust, and build-up of dust. It also helps to keep the base from drying out. When the next season starts, just scrape it off. Just be careful around the edges.

Sharpen the edges and fix any core shots.

It’s so much easier and faster to get this done at the end of the season so you don’t have to wait in November. But check with your shop. Once bike season gets going they put away their ski tools.

Find a good storage location for storing your snowboards and skis.

Choose an indoor location that is cool and dry. Climate-enhanced units are ideal for snowboard and ski off-season storage. Places to store your gear: Bedroom, coat closet, under a bed, or a self-storage unit. Avoid ski bags. If the ski bag has any leftover moisture it can cause rusting on the edges.

Wrap your skis and snowboards to prepare them for storage.

This will prevent dust accumulation, insects, scratches, and spills. It’s helpful to add this extra layer of protection to keep your equipment in the best shape.

Storing your snowboards, skis, and winter gear in the proper position.

For snowboards, laying them down over a long period can cause them to flatten out. Store them standing up on the tail, or hand them on a skateboard rack. For skis, strap them together, but not too tightly. Don’t strap your skis in a way that presses on the camber or rocker or you may get warping. Lean your skis on other objects or lay them on their sides on the ground. Avoid the edges rubbing together and dulling out.

Buckle your boots.

Boots can lose shape if they are left unbuckled for any extended amount of time. Just clasp and lock them on the loosest setting.

Let everything dry for longer than you think.

Things dry quickly if you live in Colorado. But let all your gear dry for a crazy amount of time to make sure you don’t have any moisture going on that could lead to mold, mildew, or rust.

Store everything in one place.

Once everything is clean, dry, and prepared for storage in Colorado Springs, put everything in one place so you are ready to go as soon as next season starts.
If you’re trying to store your skis or snowboards for more than a few weeks, then take these steps for effective ski and snowboard storage ideas. You will be happy you did when ski season arrives again.

If you are looking for space for storing your snowboards and skis off-season, call Garden of the Gods Self Storage at 719-265-5900. We offer a safe and clean environment for all your off-season storage needs.