organization tips when working from home

Work From Home Organization Tips

Work From Home Organization Tips

Working remotely can be difficult and organizing your work life and home life can help in the process. Perhaps you are still trying to figure out an at-home work routine that works for you. We have some valuable advice to drop on you in this article.

Organization Tips to Work from Home

You may find that as you get used to working from home that you have very productive days and then some not so productive days.  It is so easy to get distracted if you are working remotely.

So, a big part of staying productive while working from home comes from organization.  However, to organize your at-home work routine, you will also have to organize your home life as well so that they do not collide with each other.  This may require changing your designated areas as well as removing certain furniture items to make space for a home office. If you need to store these items, our storage facility has so many storage unit sizes to choose from.

Working from home presents special challenges, and you will need to keep both your home and work obligations separate so that you can have the two co-mingle under the same roof.  Everyone has a different style as they approach organizing their at-home workspace so there is no one size fits all plan.  But, as we discuss work from home organization tips, there will be many options for you to consider as you go about your workday.  Read further as we share our top tips for organizing your at-home work environment.

Organize Your Time Wisely For Optimal Results

This can save on time if you plan it carefully, and allow you to be productive during a time that was typically used to drive to work.  Be careful though, the time you save in one place should not be wasted, and it should be used to optimize your workday.

To really make use of the extra time, you should create some ground rules for yourself and for your family.  Pick your working hours in advance and stick to it.  During these hours you are working, and not doing any household chores or errands.  This will bring you better balance in your workday because everyone will know what to expect.

Try to Minimize Distractions

You will need to follow your ground rules to keep distractions at bay.  To be fair, there are distractions when you work in an office too, but they are different from those that come from working at home.  The best thing you can do is figure out what the distractions are at home, and then apply your ground rules to them to deal with them.

Make sure that your home office space is organized to optimize your productivity.  Your workspace needs to be dedicated to working only.  If you have a whole room with a door to dedicate to your home office that is great.  But, some of us do not have that kind of space to work with, so you make the best of what you have.

Pick a corner that you can call your workspace and then let it be used only for that purpose.  Or maybe you use the dining room if you only use it for special occasions. Maybe you have a huge walk-in closet that will do the trick.  Pick the best space available to you.  And choose according to your family’s routines in mind.

Do you have to try to watch the kids while you work? Place your space near to them.  Do you need a quiet room to have Zoom meetings? Pick an out-of-the-way room with a door.

Design Your Workspace Carefully

So at the bare minimum, you will need a computer or laptop, a desk, chair, and some kind of storage space to store your pens, pencils, paper clips, and other work items. Shelving in your space can really help you organize your work items.

To make the room or space appealing, think about decorating it with pictures and awards and mementos just like you would in an office.  The goal is to create a space that you enjoy being in, but not so much that you cannot stay focused on your work.

Try not to let others in your family use the space.  Also, try not to use the space for activities other than work.  Don’t do your family budgeting and bookkeeping in your workspace.  Don’t place your important personal papers there, your workspace is for work only.

That distinction should be made clear so that when you are in your workspace you are ready to work and do nothing else.

Organization tips – Keep Your Family Space Separate

By keeping your work and family space separate, it will be a lot easier if you keep your family space organized as well.  You will need to have a designated space or spot for all important family papers, mail, and school info for the kids.

It might even help if you have a family calendar app that you keep separate from your work calendar.  In this family space, have a different basket to hold mail, bills, and paperwork.  Do not use these baskets for anything work-related.

After you pick the area for the family paperwork, keep it just for the family.  Having separate and distinct spaces will help you so much, in the long run, to stay focused on work.

Keep Your Work Computer for Work

One more thing, do not use your work computer or laptop to complete family tasks.  If you do not have a separate work computer or laptop, then try to use a tablet or even your phone when completing family tasks.  When you mix family and business on one device, it can be confusing, and others in your family may start to use your work device for family stuff.  So, even if you do not have that second device, finding a cheaper or used device to use for family business will keep you organized.  We hope you enjoyed our work from home organization tips.