garage organization tips for spring cleaning

Garage Organization Tips for Spring Cleaning

Garage organization tips.

Is your garage out of control? Is it getting harder to walk through the mess? The idea of cleaning the garage might feel like climbing Mt. Everest. But just like climbing one of Colorado 14’ers, we just have to do it one step at a time. Here are some very simple storage solutions to get your garage organization back on track.

These are easy-to-implement solutions that you take one step at a time.

1. Yard and garden tool organization

Spring has sprung and gardeners are getting their yards prepared. Make sure the lawnmower is in proper working condition after the winter snow. Finding the planters, extra bags of soil, the weed, and feed for the lawn.

concrete tubes for tall storage
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  1. For Lawn and Garden Storage try cardboard concrete-forming tubes. They are inexpensive and provide excellent storage for bats and long-handled tools. Just place the tube on a 2×4 to keep things dry and secure the tube to a garage stud with plumbing straps.
  2. Make PVC holders and organize tools.
  3. Utilize tool buckets. Those 5-gallon buckets can come in handy out in the garden and can be filled with many of your smaller gardening tools.
  4. Hooks for hanging brooms, shovels, and similar items on the wall up off the floor.
  5. Large resealable bags work to save your lawn products. If you leave fertilizer or even grass seed open over the winter it will absorb moisture out of the air and become unusable. Store these in a large resealable plastic bag to keep them safe for the next season.
  6. Wheelbarrow wall hangers.
  7. Store lawn care items near the garage door for easier access.

2. Storage Bin Organization

Storing items in plastic bins keeps them dry and safe from any insects or rodents that might try to investigate. Clear bins make it easy to identify what is inside but opaque bins help hide anything unsightly. Make sure the storage bins are clearly labeled so you don’t have to search. It makes finding items so much easier. Super large storage bins with holes in the bottom for water drainage work very well for pool accessories and toys.

We even have a sealable, lockable storage bin next to the garage door to keep our dry dog food in for our 4 large dogs. We make sure it’s lockable so they don’t eat out of it like a trough.

3. Organize items into zones – Garage organization tips

garage organization tips

I can tell you; it is tempting to just throw things into bins and stick them wherever they fit. But the garage will be much more functional if you put like items into zones. Lawn and Garden, Toys and activities, tools, machinery, bikes, fishing or hunting gear, work gear, and more. Put your everyday items in the lower-level areas and seasonal things can be placed up higher. The things you will not need to get into on a regular basis.

4. Marked Shadow Boards for Tools5 s shadow board to oragnize the garage

The 5S Lean Methodology or KAIZEN to organize tools uses common sense and visual management to stay organized.

  • Sort
  • Set in order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

Being visually organized saves time, helps people know where to put things back, and makes it easier to know if something has an issue or is missing.

wall shelving and storage racks for garage organization tips5. Easy Shelving Units or Wall Shelves

These shelving units or wall shelves are an excellent way to keep your storage bins and larger equipment organized.

You can even organize them into kits. Put all of your plumbing tools in one kit. Keep your car care items in another. Have a section for drills and bits and screws. Electrical equipment or woodworking equipment could have their own kit. Sports equipment like bats, balls, and frisbees can be stored together. And what about winter gear?

kayak hangers

bike storage racks for organizing your garage

6. Hang Bikes, Kayaks Up Out of the Way 

By hanging them from the wall or ceiling, it gives you more floor space, it looks better and they won’t get bumped into or knocked over.  There are so many storage solutions for bike walls and ceiling hangers.  Some of our favorites are these Wallmaster Bike Storage Racks that hold 5 bicycles.

Or the Gladiator GarageWorks Claw for Easily hanging bicycles from the ceiling.

7.  Rent a storage unit

Don’t have enough room in your garage for all the items you need to store?  We have the right size storage unit to store all those extra items. So you can keep your garage looking neat and organized.  Call us today or take a virtual tour.


Looking for more garage storage ideas?  Check out the garage storage ideas from the Home Depot.

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