10x15 Storage units in Colorado Springs

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Our clean, secure, and high-quality storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique needs, with the 10×15 storage unit being a popular choice among our customers. This unit provides 150 sq. ft. or 1200 cb. ft. of space, ideal for the furnishings of a two-bedroom apartment or small house. Appliances, patio furniture, and numerous boxes can be accommodated comfortably. Our drive up 10×15 units can be easily accessed by moving companies and cars.


Our 10×15 storage units are priced at $139.00 per month and are designed to offer you a perfect blend of space and affordability. You have the flexibility to choose between regular and climate-enhanced units, depending on your specific storage requirements.

These units are highly versatile and can be adapted to fit a variety of storage needs. Whether you’re relocating, renovating, or simply in need of additional space, our 10×15 storage units offer an effective solution. If you’re a business owner, these units can be an efficient way to store office equipment, inventory, or documents.


long drive between storage units in colorado springs

10×15 units  are available in a regular and a climate enhanced options.

10 x 15

$ 139
  • 150 Sq. Ft.
  • 1200 Cb. Ft.
  • Furnishings of two bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes.
10x15 storage unit regular or climate enhanced for 150 sq ft or 1200 cubic feet